Subordinated specialists

Posted by Romain on

Specialists invaded media outlets. They dictates how people should think while the inverse picture seems the right one. People should have an opinion and should take decisions, the specialist job consists in implementing these decisions. Specialists serve the people and not the opposite. I focus this post on journalist that is a particular type of specialist. Journalists specialize in writing, they know how to present a fact and they select among all facts the worthy ones.

Two specialists, an extinct species too specialize for its environment and a famous French editorialist.

My view stays purposely narrow. I search for the one specialist needed in a meeting. You need no specialization to moderate. Sure some moderate badly and other are good moderators, yet I believe that everyone has the minimum set of skills to moderate decently. You also need some sort of stability and while distinct people can moderate within a meeting, a single secretary enables a unified minute from the meeting.

Therefore it looks like a good idea that a moderator designates its secretary. A subordinate that could remain the same from moderator to moderator. This subordinate won’t dictate how we do the meeting, they won’t take any decisions but report how the meeting unfold. Importantly a new moderator has the power to dismiss the secretary. This subordination promotes neutrality.

Thank you for reading! Your opinion?