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A thing needs to be fun to be a game changer. You need the political endeavour to be enjoyable otherwise you are doomed. The content sometimes matter less than how we display a topic. This explains why I focus so much on how we could perform sortition, the practical means.

Two games that made life more enjoyable! Romain Cazé CC-BY

I love to imagine an organisation where we start every meeting by casting a dice. This immediately lightens the mood as if we were about to start playing a game. Such an organism would make heavy subject lighter.

The method to appoint a moderator initially used a coin instead of a dice with (tails the first person and heads the second person on thrower’s left become the moderator). Many people struggle to flip a coin. They are clumsy and afraid of doing wrong. This makes the process tedious and uneasy. Obviously you can still use a coin if you have no dice but a dice fits better. A dice can be thrown many times in a row without thinking twice.

I always have a dice in my pocket for these reasons. We never know we need a moderator.

Thank you very much for reading! If you have a suggestion to make sortition more enjoyable comment below.