A birthday gift

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This gift bent my life’s trajectory. The present remains classic, a book, titled « Guide pratique pour oser s’impliquer dans la vie politique locale ». This long title describes a practical guide to participate in local politics. It gives so many useful tips, this book explains in details how one could participate to the next communal elections in France. For instance he proposes a calendar to prepare for the 2020 elections. The first eight chapters each deals with a specific and pragmatic topic, what the candidate must do, mayor’s duty, the town hall budget. In a nutshell the book details everything you need to know about the town hall.

Two weapons. The left one may change France.

We can use this book to organize ourselves. It is its purpose. The author has two dreams: the limitation to a single mandate in space and time; citizens to participate in how the town hall and city work. The preface nicely details these dreams and why they could be game changers.

He also discusses about random selection in almost every chapters. For instance to evaluate the program, he proposes to visit the 20th house of every street and propose to fill an evaluation sheet. Another proposition consists in Citupperware meeting to discuss about the program in a local home. Both idea help to build and strengthen the program for the elections.

Thank you for reading! Write below if you want to know more about this book.

P.S: Thank you Ambre.