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Sortition Foundation

Posted by Romain on

I spent the weekend in Babylondon. I went there to meet people from the Sortition Foundation. They have existed for a year and had their first annual meeting. By the way, I have to use my remaining pounds to become a member and I encourage you to become a member if you live in the UK. They might change how we do politics in United Kingdom. Brett facilitated our group (we were around ten people) discussion. I report below some topics we discussed.

We started (among other things) to talk about billionaires and poor unkw0wn artists. They search for people to support and advertise their effort. One person said that: ‘they should go for the rich and famous people to talk about the sortition foundation’. On the one hand, these people are not only difficult but they might sternly disagree with sortition’s idea. On the other hand, artist craves for free advertisements and hugely help some other movements like #MAVOIX. Plus poor unknown artists fill London’s streets

Two people. Forbes report on the first last week, the second has changed the world. Romain C. CC-BY

I also brought up two other subjects: using crypto-currencies accounts for donation and apply sortition first to ourselves. We need to practise random selection as often as it is possible to make robust and efficient. Crypto-currency could propel crowdfunding for sortition as many new geeks could potentially be interested in new ways to do politics.

Thank you for reading! I heavily biased my report below, maybe people at the meeting want to add their view in comments.