No thumb but a maximal time

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Things reborn yesterday evening. I was at a participative list meeting for 2020 the municipal election. We had a productive meeting and I loved it. We randomly sorted moderators, last time such an event happened was months ago.

The beginning was clunky. No one opposed to the idea yet I had to insist: I brought two dice and asked multiple times to use them to select a moderator. Before the meeting I also explained the method I wanted to use, but we didn’t use this exact method.

We did not use this method but we made it better. The initial stage stayed similar, we cast two dice to select a moderator among all the people (we were 9). The thumbs up stage to make the moderator resign was deemed too violent and we replaced it by a limited time condition. In a nutshell the rules changed the following way:

Two ways of ending dictatorship. Romain Cazé CC-BY

To designate a new moderator we cast a dice. The nth person on the left of the caster becomes the moderator, n being the number on the dice. The person can decline this assignment any time -because everyone experiences fatigue- and before casting the thrower set a maximal time -to avoid dictatorship-. You don’t have a dice? You can use a coin then: heads, the first person on the left becomes the moderator; tails it’s the second. You are more than six and you want everybody to have the same chance to be moderator? Use two coloured dices following this method (details are here).

Thank you for reading! Try to designate a moderator using chance at your next meeting, write below your impressions.