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This is maybe my last post. I took a decision last new years eve, to write a post every weekday. I also settled a halting condition, pause writing if no people comment my posts for a month. Nobody commented in February. Therefore this might be my last post.

Silence is the new censorship. Everybody can express their thoughts on internet. A total internet ban remains difficult even for the most dictatorial regime . Our democracies pride themselves to let everyone express their views. How can you maintain a decent control in such a context? Noam Chomsky discusses this point in « manufacturing consent » , I did not read nor find this book (difficult to obtain), but it develops an interesting theory. To control a population it suffices to enhance the noise to disrupt the signal. In such a context, the system just ignore the ideas (not silence it) departing from the mainstream view, to crush rebellion against the system. Compare this blog with Jake or Dan’s Paul millions of views (if you don’t know them good for you). I don’t want a million view and a Youtube channels differs in many ways from a blog. But how can we make ourselves heard? What can we (can I) do?

When you shout in the void it is easy to end up by yourself. Romain Cazé CC-BY

Pressure equals force divided by surface. I have learned this lesson during my PhD. You already lost if you want to convince everybody at once. I made one or two talks where nobody asked question at my PhD’s beginning. I recall these talks as traumatizing experience. I learned to limit myself to a novel idea per talk. But I digress, remember pressure equals force divided by surface. I could have extenuated myself by increasing the force used to transmit my ideas. Instead, I diminished the surface. And this what I do here with this blog on sortition.

I initially proposed to draw by chance every week a group to represent Nuit Debout.  A way too large objective and I tired myself trying to push this idea forward. I changed my strategy and I modestly proposed that we randomly draw an (impermanent) moderator. We call that a bottom-up approach in science. I tried to convince as many people as possible to do that. Here again still a tiring battle; sometimes fought on the wiki page of Nuit Debout.  I then gave up, I waited and 2018 arrived and I started this blog. I stopped to increase the pressure but I now carefully carve the area under pressure to make it as small as possible. I now interact with people interested by sortition, I am going to London soon to a event dedicated event and will be the day before to a hackaton in Paris.

Thank you for reading!