Feeling sorry for yourself

Posted by Romain on

I often feel insufficient, not strong enough for the task ahead, and this makes me feel sorry for myself, that I have been beaten up too many times, and that I will loose the next battle. This helplessness limits what I want to do and makes me sad. I spend time dreaming about things I could have done better, I think of sad yesterdays rather than thinking of today and tomorrows.

I want to fight this, not only because it brings me down to feel that way. Each time I managed to escape from myself, to really listen to what another person has to say. Loneliness goes away, and I feel belonging to humankind. There is this proverb I love and that expresses this idea: « How you keep a water drop from drying? You put it into the ocean ». To feel sorry for yourself you need to withdraw from the world. When you stop looking at your navel you discover that being part of humankind can be super-resting and fulfilling. How can we keep this link alive?

Two ways of spending time looking at. Image credit CC-BY Romain Cazé

What link random selection and this (selfish) impression? Random selection, like a sharp knife, can crack open our inner shells. As a moderator you are forced to pay attention to what other people are saying. I repeat here my love of inclusive lists. If you ask for volunteers you ask for people already open to others. Sortition can allow to select the shy person at the back of the room, and they may be the solution to unsolvable problems.

Thank you for reading! If you feel sorry (or not) for my post shout out in the comment section below.