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« To revolt is to run to one’s downfall, because revolt, if it takes place in a group, immediately regains a hierarchical scale of submission within the group, and revolt, alone, quickly leads to the submission of the rebel… All that’s left is to escape. » Henri Laborit -Eloge de la fuite- 1985. I was born in 1985. I had thought that for a long time. The solution for him is to escape. To go within yourself in a dreamy place outside from the world.

I choose to stay. I don’t want to convince anybody, I simply want to stand my ground. I want to defend this dream place of mine where things become possible, to defend it against politicians of all sorts. People often tell me: « but what if the person disagrees with you opinion », but this is exactly the test I am looking for: that a person can peacefully disagree with me. No need to escape when everybody agree, you build a comfortable bunker inhabited by a happy few. I’d like to build an open-ended road where contradictory ideas can flow without limit.


Two roads offering different possibilities. Image credit Romain Cazé CC-BY

Randomness looks like a key ingredient to this recipe. It turns a contest of ideas into an exam. There is not best or worst ideas in a system ruled by randomness. Nothing is close ended and permanent in a system ruled by randomness. Revolt becomes permanent when a dice put in place new rulers seamlessly. I dream maybe too strongly but I have faith in such a system provided some guard rails.

What if someone or a group of people wants to take over and dictate their laws? Rotation prevents such thing from happening because a minority can overthrow rulers. The intrinsic instability of the system guarantees its perpetuation.

Thank you for reading! If you have another escape route please tell me in the comment section below.